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DBA Toolbox

A feature rich code library for your TSQL scripts and related files and links.

A simple desktop app that makes it easy to store, organize, and quickly obtain all those scripts associated with being a production DBA. You can assign authors, tags, keywords etc to make it easy to find and share with your team.

It is built on top of SQL Server, it uses full text indexing for leveraging search. It also makes use of filestream so you can add attachments that are not sql scripts. (i.e. documents such as white papers, pdfs, images, checklists, videos, e-books etc).

Originally authored by Russ Thomas ( twitter: @SQLJudo | blog: ). Released as open source to collaborate with others, fix bugs, improve quality, and benefit others.

Sample Feature Set:
  • Script parsing with the native SQL Server SSMS dll
  • Tabs for HTML links, file attachments, descriptions, and logging
  • TSQL syntax coloring via cut and paste or internal coloring code
  • Drag and drop scripts from disk
  • Powerful search filter and categorizer

Screen Shot:

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